Fashion and technology in the last 100 years have led to the resurgence of a wide array of cosmetic products. Riding the crest of a demanding and competitive market, Risidence consulted with chemists, cosmetologists, fashion designers, and beauty connoisseurs to help choose beauty and grooming products for a more discriminating audience. The beacon for our search is to bring out perfection through self-expression. 


Although cosmetic products and ingredients are not subject to FDA premarket approval authority (with the exception of color additives), Risidence takes on the responsibility of substantiating the safety of our products and ingredients before marketing. Risidence puts safety first in the development and screening of products added to our growing line. Part of our commitment is to keep our products as natural as possible.


Women use cosmetics mainly for emotional and psychological reasons yet looking good is assured for all when you use our science-backed products. Using our make-up that enhances your natural beauty creates the impression of confidence and verve. Risidence is beauty you can feel and that glowing and confident appearance is empowering. 


With Risidence – Rise with Confidence. Be known distinctively. Be the Confident You!

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